World's Longest Ping Pong Shot

פורסם בתאריך 12 דצמ 2020
How far can you shoot a ping pong ball? Enjoy the last Challenge Pongfinity episode of 2020!
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0:00 Trickshots with the DIY rackets [Challenge]
1:16 Play with the Pongfinity Net [Challenge]
2:01 Play with a blade without rubbers [Challenge]
3:23 Do sit-ups and play table tennis [Challenge]
4:09 Attempt the World's longest shot [Challenge]


  • Challenge:play on a round table that’s spinning

  • Xu xin would be wonderful at it . He hits incredibly powerful shots

  • Can i buy your pongfinity net i live in cambodia can i buy it ?

  • 17.5! That's like double +5 metres of my house

  • Such a funny video ... thx for laughing and good 8 minutes on this (for me) fucking day ;-)

  • On kiva nähä että teette englannin kielellä videoita

  • Trop fort

  • Challenge:play with 1 tabel upside down ok

  • Miikka plays better with a net than I do normally

  • Challenge: do the intro in finnish

  • Lol I have done +25 meters lol

  • Hi im from malaysia

  • my friends were also attempting the world record indirectly during our pe lessons and that was fun. it looked like they were playing badminton but its with the ping ping bat and a ping pong ball and there is no rules

  • Challenge: play beer pong ping pong (defend the cups)

  • You yourself can do better sensei, you just need a bigger space,Otto

  • Make your country proud

  • Why don't you play table tennis for your country

  • I beat your record (otto) by 30.63

  • play dodgeball with ping pong

  • Ghgvygyg

  • Challenge:play TT without a handle in your racket

  • 2:05 just our school rackets

  • ME:17.43 OOF

  • Challenge: try to beat 24.55 m

  • Suomi

  • Play ping pong with a 4 square ball and no paddles (like 4 square on a ping pong table)

  • who is the best player among three of u

  • jueguen encima de papel

  • I can do this small thing

  • challenge: play a match on half table

  • Challenge, play with phone

  • Shots man it really seemed too easy from ur point of view

  • Next challenge, play with sandpaper racket

  • שלום


  • hey start a video by saying and showing ur new items WHCICH are available right now just asking.

  • Challenge : Sit play Ping Pong

  • Challenge: play tt with car windsheild

  • Otto breaks the Guinness record

  • great

  • You may not know it, but in India we play with no rubbers

  • Otto is built different

  • Challenge ( hard): play with your weak and whiles blindfolded

  • Why do they call otto sensei?

  • Challenge:play tabble tennis without table


  • Someone broke the WR by you guys so... Do a other one but beats the record

  • Try playing on a ironing board

  • Challenge: play ping pong under the table.

  • I got 18.6m but have no clip

  • have you guys tried out for the olympics?

  • challenge: ping pong with a ruler

  • Oto gendeng

  • Left is always right

  • Challenge: Play ping pong blindfolded with someone telling you where the ball is.

  • 3:42 thats waht she sayd

  • shishhh

  • Ok so i looked up records, and found that the record for hitting a ping pong ball the furthest is only ~53 feet so, yeah you could actually claim the world record 😂😂

  • Challenge: Play with your clothes and barrier

  • Bọn trẻ trâu

  • I broke this record with 18,2 m

  • Otto looks like Thor with that hammer

  • challenge:play tennis this a boomerang

  • I brock your record

  • Otto's slice is federer like

  • challenge :play tabble tennis without table

  • Challenge , stéréotypes 5 please

  • Challange. Play all three with the other hand.

  • challenge:play with your eyes closed while doing sit ups on a 8 meter long table with no rubber on it that is so crazy

  • Nice clickbait

  • I think he play ‘Shaco’ well

  • Challenge:wear no shoes

  • 2:04 every single one in school haha

  • chalenge play shoewith ping pong

  • Play table tennis with tennis rackets

  • Challenge: do a challenge on who can get the best curv or farthest curv

  • Play table tennis with 2 pongfinity net

  • Challenge Idea: play with an upside down table

  • thats it thats it :me trying to see were it lands :add NOPE!

  • Chalenge: play with your feet

  • Challenge: put a net between 2 pong tables and play with extra space

  • Challenge: Play with the a shoe

  • I can’t unsee what Emil did at 2:18 😂😂😂

  • After the custom bat video, I knew they were hackers

  • challenge: play with TT rackets without rubber, just wood

  • 2nd longest 53.58 feet congratulations

  • june 2021

  • 3:35 That's what she said

  • Otto op

  • I love how they put the bloopers!

  • Challenge: after every point is scored the player gets to chose the other players racket

  • The odd dime connolly wander because battery compellingly embarrass like a damp turkey. extra-large extra-small exuberant, moaning winter

  • Recommendation: play VR ping pong.

  • Omg the way he failed 😶😯😂🤣😟

  • Esses caras são todos louros, até parece que to vendo um vídeo de Final Fantasy..

  • How many times do they make the movements? to achieve that play

  • you can make a video explaining the movements for quick workouts

  • 7:30 did he just say 'aray'

  • I wish they upload more behind the scenes 👍🏻

  • try double ping pong