Win a Point, Add More Clothes I Pongfinity Gun Game

פורסם בתאריך 9 יול 2021
Otto and Miikka battle against each other in a ping pong game where they add a piece of clothing after each won point!

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  • We chose the hottest day of Finnish Summer to film this one 😂 Check out the new EPIC Sensei collection on Fanjoy! 🤩

    • Can you speak for the Intro Finland

    • the T-shirt was used in the expectations vs reality video

    • How many times has this video been renamed?

    • Hbddxv the sd to e jd

    • Otto daj tznkotdf eibub wb itkc kg

  • 1:30 Who is this guy?

  • 9:00 the guy in the back is still waiting for that trick shot!😂😂

  • the t shirt is from ping pong expectations vs reality

  • 9:01 who is this

  • Could they BE wearing anymore merch? 😆

  • somebody peaked from the back. lol

  • The t shirt is from expectations vs reality

  • shirt from ping pong: expectation vs. reality

  • 9:01, just some guy in the backround

  • imagine what the guy that peaked at 9:01 thought

  • what an awesome video. your videos are always entartaining and never boring. look, some person at 9;01 is seeing what is going on here

  • 9:00 someone is peeking at them haha

  • We promote our merch with this title haha good one guys:ponfinity

  • The shirt is from expectation vs reality video

  • pongfinity @extreme challenge : build your own ITTF approved table tennis table

  • 9:01 person:)

  • Can you into the video by Vietnamese…🙏

  • Great video. Now do the opposite 😳

  • challenge: play table tennis using a nerf gun so you have to fire the bullet so it hits the ball

  • I'm not sure you look 'hot'. Funny yes. Hot... no... But I wish I could play ping pong a tenth as well as you do. You guys are awesome.

  • When mikka or onto want to pop be like: *Need to take off one by one the shirt*

  • the shirt was from the video expectations vs realitys

  • 2:28 it’s the expections vs reality

  • 2:28 expectations vs reality first round opponent

  • 3:28 Japanese say “hentai”

  • Good

  • 2:36 it's from the easy opponent in the reality vs expectations video

  • 9:01 They boy in the back: what on earth are these people doing?????

  • POV: you are at the airport, your suitcase weighs too much and you find a ping pong table


  • Really good table tennis! Enjoying it well!

  • Sunglasses aren’t clothing

  • The shirts from stereotypes 4

  • Suspicious drug dealer and pimp play ping pong, i mean you look like, via wearing this clothes

  • 9:01 The dude peeking out be like:

  • In 6.31 you be a girl

  • Se ce un italiano che segue blur quelli so gli occhiali del fazzone

  • the way a person peeked at them

  • Obviously mikka wore that shirt in the expectations vs reality video also pongfinity if u see this pls try vr ping pong

  • reality vs exspectations vs emill

  • The dude in the back at 9:01 must think that they're crazy

  • 2:30 expectations vs reality

  • Challenge: Throw your rackets spinning in the air and however you catch them you have to play like this.

  • Pingpong expectasions vs reality

  • 2:29 Ping Pong expectations vs. reality, first round opponent

  • Feeling nauseous...

  • 9 to 8 score Cap n' Underpants. heh.

  • Imagine the shower after tho 😩

  • One of the stereotypes ( this will be a warmup for the next round one )

  • racket in the store is too expensive T-T

  • excpectation vs riality

  • 09.01 Ada penampakan 😂

  • challenge: play in Texas heat

  • When you did stereotypes and you were bad and good

  • Play the ping pong with the tree

  • T-shirt is from my favorite video of yours. Expectations vs. Reality. First round match

  • 2:28 Expectation vs reality Miika/Mikka

  • Ping pong expectation vs reality

  • I spot a Pongfinity racket that Otto is holding!!

  • Shirt was used in expectations vs reality

  • The shirt was used for the expectations vs reality - the first match.

  • the hawaiian shirt is from expectations vs. reality


  • 9:01 that dude looking around the curtain and going like whaa? xD

  • Hii

  • glad it wasn't the other way round

  • 9:01 guy sticks his head out from behind the curtain

  • 9:01

  • 2:30 expectations vs reality ping pong version

  • The shirt was in the stereotypes

  • the guy in the background lol 9:01

  • who looks in minute 9:01

  • This tshirt was used in a stereotypes video where Mikka was playing Emil in a first match tournament stereotype , shoutout to me please

  • 6:55 Two dads in the 90’s lol

  • play where when you're recieving you hit it, let it bounce on the floor then hit it again

  • Expectations vs reality

  • challenge: do your intro in spanish

  • Stereotype video. Ire,ember that thing

  • we call them trendsetters xD

  • Seeing this itself was making me sweat in winter.

  • 9:00 the lid at the back lookin sus

  • That t shirt was from the tournament expectation vs reality

  • 9 01 🤣🤣🤣

  • The most fun video so far! Love Otto! 😘

  • reality vs expectations

  • T shirt is from expectations vs realty

  • The shirt was expectations vs reality

  • Someone’s just there watching Miika from the behind lmaooooo 9:01

  • That beach shirt is from expectation vs reality vidoe

  • The man which Looks at 9:01 around also thinks what happens here? xD

  • Let's be glad they didn't do it in reverse like trashy youtubers

  • Your wight is like otto

  • Mikka see your wight

  • the guy in the background at 9:01

  • Noooooo 😭😭 sensei shaved his beard😭


  • Finnish summer is not that cold right?

  • I have a challenge stick springs before sticking the rubbers on the blade

  • 3:13 "He looks like hes in a gang" Miikka wearing red and otto wearing blue Coincidence? I think not!