Weirdest Ping Pong Match

פורסם בתאריך 11 נוב 2020
Thanks so much everybody, incredible that the community is 2M strong!
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  • 2.000.000! 🥳 THANK YOU GUYS!! We thought it would be fun to do something interactive for this video, so we have a little challenge for you guys: Can you find all the 25 stereotypes in the video (correct answers below)? 🧐 Also, 2M merch will be available only this November so make sure to get one in time if you are interested: :) SPOILER ALERT (watch video and try to find the stereotypes before checking below!) The 25 stereotypes: 0:34 Equipment guy 0:53 Ritual guy 1:15 Guy who blames/looks at his racket after lost point 1:18 & 1:38 Illegal serve guy 1:25 Pushing guy 1:44 Rule guy 1:50 Stalling guy 2:12 Guy who celebrates lucky points 2:23 Arguing guy 2:43 Come on guy 2:45 Ball bouncing guy 2:48 Non-moving guy 3:02 High toss guy 3:06 Screamer guy 3:10 Clumsy guy 3:16 Guy who overthinks the serve 3:30 Barrier knocking guy 3:52 Edge guy 3:54 Rage guy 4:01 Weird sounding guy 4:22 Cheater guy 4:53 Excuses guy 4:58 Grunting guy 5:22 Jackpot guy 5:48 Don't give me there guy Did you find any additional stereotypes!? 😁

    • @Terrance Jacob you are welcome :D

    • @Benedict Terry thanks, signed up and it seems like a nice service :) Appreciate it!!

    • @Terrance Jacob flixportal :D

    • I know Im kinda off topic but do anybody know of a good site to stream new movies online ?

    • @Maura Roddy-Ping same

  • The most obvious one is COME OOON but I did find all of them

  • I love ur content so subbed.xD

  • What's the name of the background music?

  • Do a vedio on a serious match

  • I saw these... The come on guy The ritual guy The screamer The Sensei The excuses guy The lucky guy The high toss guy The edge guy The barrier knocking guy The angry guy The weird sounding guy The cheater The no backhand guy The don't give me there guy Wow, there's a lot!

  • come on guy, blamer guy, sensei, edge guy

  • Nani martens Phillips

  • Don’t give me there-Otto every time ever

  • Otto is the 1st place he is champion in TT

  • 5:23 JACKPOT!!!

  • i like padel tricksshort

  • Emil jackpot

  • Im from malaysia

  • This video just has an unexplainable vibe

  • Can you guys give away some of your rackets and and some ping pong balls🏓 to your subscribers

  • Can you do a mach when Miikka and Otto play wiht very smal racket.

  • The mad gay, The cheeter, The werd saound guy, don't giv me there guy.

  • its table tennis

  • Good luck for 3 Million

  • %¥#@

  • Dude you guys rock.

  • I just know that one of the Stereotypes (The one Otto represented at min 0:57) is called "The Miika"

  • i saw stereotypes, exactly ... 2 million

  • how good they are I like table tenis

  • In found new stereotypes Sorry sorry man 🤣

  • 0tt0

  • I,m exiting your gonna be 3m subscribersss😷stay safe from corona too love pongfinity💗😘😚

  • ILoveYou🏓tanosinde

  • I actually use the same Otto's shoes. lol

  • No one spotted the non moving gay

  • Sad we didn’t get to see ball breaker guy

  • 0:11 Subtitles: making videos wouldn’t be possible with you No no, he’s got a point

  • Where’s the *accidentally steps on ball*

  • 4:00 when Otto starts jumping even the camera shakes

  • they are now at 2.69 mil xD

  • well i was going to comment some of the stereotypes but i guess everyone got all of them lol, i guess all there is to say is awesome video!!

  • Weirdchamp

  • F u emil

  • Otto my man . He use a bandana .

  • Gdlys srs

  • Turkey

  • Nr. 1500

  • jah -Emil

  • .


  • لك عاااش

  • i saw some glued feet, some tennis player, some sensei, some illegal servers, high throw guy, loud victory yell guy, barrier breaker, weird noises guy, mr. excuses, trash talker, jackpot guy. Must've been more but those were all i could spot, reply with some i missed!

  • otto win

  • ciru

  • Come on guy, ritual guy, illegal serve guy, the guy who doesn't know the rules, lucky guy, the non moving guy, the high toss guy, the screamer, barrier knocking guy, the cheater, the angry guy, the edge guy, Mr excuses, sensei guy, don't give me there guy

  • It's my birthday

  • Thats nor weird,thats how me and my friends play every day. Are we weird?

  • I was waiting for Otto to say "Don't get me there"

  • So many stereotypes

  • 3:00

  • 5:23 jackpot guy

  • where miikka

  • Emil nooob

  • the ritual guy mr. excuses screamer barrier breaker wierd sounding guy the cheater

  • коток

  • The stereotypes video portrayed in a match :u

  • this was the funniest match i have ever seen guys😂😂😂😂❤️

  • I hear emil tell "Making videos wouldn't be possible without you "But the subtitles tells " Making videos wouldn't be possible with you " @0.10

  • Challenge. Fill a ping pong ball with water and play in the water with a table in the water

  • At 1.21 I was waiting for the Otto to say don't give me it there

  • The ball went in to Emil‘s head.Why Otto dont got a point???

  • Make a video in you are playing in choping board with edge of the racket

  • In 5:10 otto played it illegal

  • 5:41 WON POINT by Emil Me: I thought: Emil: Dont give me there

  • In one of your upcoming videos can you play on a frozen table again but this time with the frozen racket too.

  • Close to 3 million

  • I think I gottem all 0:34 to 0:49 Perfectionist 0:54 to 1:06 Ritual 1:15 The surprised guy 1:18 The sensei backhand 1:24 The rallying duo 1:36 Mr. Explaininator 1:38 The wise guy 1:44 The Nerdy 1:51 The superstitious Get it along with 2:12 Mr. Lucky Common 2:19 The sour sore looser 2:38 The guy who hits too hard 2:43 Mr. Common (Not lucky this time) 2:49 The guy who doesn't move his feet. 3:02 The high tossing guy 3:06 The yelling guy 3:10 The annoying guy 3:17 The take a long time but fails guy 3:31 The guy that knocks down all the barriers 3:45 The tennis guy 3:56 The guy that looses his temper 4:01 The guy that makes noises (we all guessed this one) 4:20 The timeout cheat 4:42 The guy who get's mad at the cheater 4:53 Mr. Excuses 4:58 Mr. Grunter 5:13 The Guy who makes you look dumb 5:23 JACKPOT (We can all agree on this) 5:42 The bragger 5:52 The Sensei classic end 5:57 The Don't give me there guy. Boy this took a while. Please tell me if you were going for these Pongfinity!

  • I saw many stereotypes including high toss, barrier breaker, cheater, c’mon, weird noise, angry, excuses, jackpot and many more

  • I love the content you guys paste, made with utter perfection. I am a very loyal subscriber and cant wait till you guys have 10,000,000 subscribers

  • 9

  • basically me and my friend every time we play :DD

  • عشقید بهترینید

  • سلام

  • 3:02 the non moving guy

  • 1:22 Otto: How many times have I said to not give me there?

  • 13

  • What country are you guys from

  • I can see that emil cant run properly due to his previous injury. Am i right?

  • Moi

  • Otto hits Emil Jackpot guy

  • 3:42 whats the song?

  • 7

  • 7

  • Otto preparing for the match was Mikka originally

  • Don’t gimme there LMAO

  • 3:10 that's me

  • Its 11 stereotypes i found

  • Bruh, everything is so relatable...

  • Was anyone else just waiting for Otto to say “don’t give me there.”

  • E: My point. O: No. My point. E: Your point? O: Yes. E: My point. O: No. E: Yes. O: No. E: Okay, not then.

  • Bagi bat

  • emil lost the first game coz he didnt respect his equipment so his equipment disrespected him

  • Otto complaining about the bandana was priceless XD

  • Mekki vs otto pls