Weird Ping Pong

פורסם בתאריך 4 פבר 2021
We took a ping pong table to a trampoline park.
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Thanks to Rush Helsinki for letting us film at their park!
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  • It’s a miracle we made it out of this filming session in one piece 😅

  • This is in UK

  • I saw the thumbnail and immediately knew it was rush

  • Play ping ping with rackets of tennis

  • 4:00 game of around the net

  • Amazing :D

  • play by swinging

  • amazing!!!!!

  • part 2

  • Where do you live

  • 5:22 AUUCH

  • the return to childhood

  • 好看

  • Wohooo....trampoling-pong

  • Miika just looks like normal jumping around like that against Otto 😂

  • Now mikka can finally put his footwork to use..

  • مين عربي؟؟

  • How can I come play table tennis with you guys? I play but feel I could learn and become much better from all of you.

  • Best video ever never stop playing table tennis

  • When COVID is just irrelevant

  • Pls do 1 vidio in herman

  • Awosome

  • Awesom

  • Please Arabic

  • I was acc smiling the whole video

  • 6:46 This is how many balls did Miikka break. 👇🏻

  • Jump pong

  • Harikasınız. 👏🤣

  • 5:24 Emil got hit in the goonies😅😅

  • hi

  • hola

  • Play

  • Challenge: play tt by wearing roller skates

  • i always loved these trampoline parks. havent gone to one in 6 years since my freind invited me in grade school

  • Next:Go to the beach

  • Doing trick shot

  • The cleaner: why is there ping pongs in the foam pit?

  • love you'r friendship guys keep it up and i love seeing you'r guys content it's litarraly the best and i'am feeling good when i see you'r videos And how can u be so good to ping pong my mind is blowing up

  • Pongfinity = AMAZING and funny :D ! We love it :)

  • wow

  • 6:56

  • Mikka was flying...

  • i bet miikka was really excited to film this video...

  • 4:32 when the table is spinning, every shot becomes an around-the-net shot

  • I think that be the greatest jackpot

  • miikka the multitalent

  • it's trampolinpong!

  • 3:43 5:23 Ouch!

  • I thought for a second that they would lay in "Jackpot" at 5:23

  • 5:28 well he is def the "balls breaker guy"

  • Lol the emil's pov on otto killed me instantly

  • The intro of the video 6:57

  • The amount of athleticism miikka has is incredible

  • Please tell me what music you used in this video does anybody know??????????????

  • I was just watching 3 vikings playing ping pong on trampoline like a kids , that was pretty good , i want more 😂

  • Imagine Aliens visiting earth and this is the first thing they see

  • Finn are u mad or what

  • 5:22 auch- 00:04 auch-²


  • How do you even jump that high

  • 3:44 SPLITS!!!

  • Miikka 's perfect setup

  • Us boys all felt that one from home

  • Waiting for ping pong on the International Space Station.

  • it's fun watching all these jumps :)

  • Nice to see Amy Adams and Lord Vinheteiro playing ping pong.

  • Pause at 6:56 Miikka stole Emil's throne for the ball breaker guy

  • Rip the ball under the skateboard (6:55).

  • 6:56 who saw him breaking the ball with the skateboard😂😂

  • new chellenge: play ping pong while you jumping from parashute

  • That day was my Birthday LOL

  • This channel is so funny! I can't stop laughing. 😂😂😂 lmao

  • 笑いすぎてお腹壊れそうですw!! (I laughed so hard my stomach hurts.)

  • 3:45 Jackpot

  • these guys have got energy to burn!

  • You guys prove that we can play ping pong everywhere

  • I felt the pain when Emil got hit in the ....

  • Condolenes Emil

  • I feel like these guys are better at trampoline ping pong than I am at regular 😂

  • their ping pong skill is unheard of

  • mikka moves A LOT

  • The best part of the video is the 3 guys enjoying it altogether 🔥👌 and miika is damn athletic 🙏💯

  • 3:23 That looks straight out of a cartoon

  • Hello miika

  • Omg I never thought ping pong and trampleen. It should be a new sport. Like slamball is.

  • 6:55 And the ball is crushed... forever.

  • This was the best pongfinty vedio ever. I think instead of table tennis you can start trampoline battle, running in trampoline etc

  • Hey next time please let otto do all of mika's jumping....

  • Great job! Get this channel to 3 million subscribers!

  • Remember the "only mid-air shots" match?

  • 5:24 RIP Emil

  • 2:25 very cute❤

  • Challenge: Play table tennis with a tennis ball 🎾

  • Mikka is a fabulous athlete!

  • that was easily your most fun video yet!

  • Mikä Is Really Good On Trampolines😮...

  • Привет спортсменам

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • what the hell 1M views only what the f is wrong with people

  • Ping pog