We made our own table tennis racket! [Pongfinity Sensei]

פורסם בתאריך 7 אוג 2021
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It's finally here - the Pongfinity racket!!! We have been working on this project for the past two years and are SUPER EXCITED to launch the racket now!

To celebrate the racket launch, we made the first 100 rackets have an engraved number from 1 to 100, so each one is one of a kind. These initial 100 rackets are hand glued and tested by us and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Miikka, Otto and Emil.
NOTE!: The first 100 rackets are sold out but there are plenty of regular Sensei rackets available (with the exact same blade and rubbers, but without the engraved number)!

At the same time, we also launched a Pongfinity racket case, check that out as well! ► www.pongfinity.store

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  • A dream come true for us. 🙏 We are beyond excited to finally get the Pongfinity racket launched!! 🤩 We started working on this project over two years ago with the aim of making our racket the best complete racket out there. During the process, we have personally taken part in every step of it to make the racket just how we wanted it. It has required a lot of time and effort, but seeing the end result makes everything totally worth it! To celebrate the launch, we came up with this crazy idea of engraving the first 100 rackets and assembling them ourselves. As you can see from the video, even this process took us a bit longer than we expected 😅 If you are quick enough to order (among the first 100) you will get one of the numbered rackets seen in this video. The first 100 rackets are likely to be sold out fast, but there will be plenty of regular rackets (with the exact same blade and rubbers, but without the engraved number) after the limited edition is sold out. We are super happy with how the racket turned out and hope you will enjoy it as well!! 🥰 *EDIT & NOTE: The first 100 numbered rackets sold out in 16 minutes after launching them! But don't worry, we still have plenty of regular Sensei rackets available (with the exact same blade and rubbers, but without the engraved number)!* Get yours from pongfinity.store!

    • @Tall headed noob oh...is it...they r selling at whopping price

    • I bought it. It is sick and insane

    • I also want

    • If you haven't already. You could cover a table in the left over rubber and try playing on that.

    • @Mr. Fundo sorry I do not agree with you, you might have wrong impression of Indain..India is at 5 spot at GDP

  • I even got the case

  • I go the racket at lastttttttttt

  • I am the fifth person I have got no.5

  • Me watching this whit a butterfly match be like:

  • I bought it today

  • Suggestion: try to use a really good exacto knife instead of scissors to avoid seeing the small divits in the rubber, just so it doesnt look a little ugly.

  • anyone know a good table tennis paddle for placement play style?

  • can it be used to play ittf pro tour?

  • ??

  • Eles não entregam para o brasil

  • Congrats, to you guys

  • What if the entire table is made of table tennis rackets 🤔

  • but your the best

  • it s very Expensive in russia

  • I thought first the table Would be coveret by rackets and you have to play on it

  • i want it

  • pongfinity vs adam

  • Where I live the racket is 150$ it is very sad

  • Bang mau🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓

  • Mao dong

  • I actually tried to buy, but for some reason you guys don't ship to Brazil lol

  • I would not play with it, but I kinda want one as a collectible item :D

  • I want to have one but it seems like not shipping to HongKong?

  • giveaway please!

  • Very nice

  • Подарите мне такую ракетку)

  • Plz reply me how many cost in india

  • Tested yesterday, this racket is nice and i'm totally happy i bought it 👌

  • very expensive

  • Good

  • anyone using this Racket and any comments of it?

  • I hope have giveaway for all countries 😅🙏🙏😭

  • Omg I love seeing you guys doing this! How awesome! Congrats!!!

  • I thought you were going to play on a table full of racquets...

  • I more like my racket because that have so much memory ;')

  • 11:40 the "don't give me there" shot!

  • Congrats! You guys are amazing.

  • Giveaway for 11 racket on this channel pls .🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤲🗣

  • Make a Ping Pong table out of rubbers.

  • 🇦🇷

  • うんこ 珍子

  • hey i just wanted to ask , is this racket good for national level table tennis as im a national level player and use timo boll alc as of now with tenergy 05 and tenergy 64 so is this racket a good choice

  • Who got number 1 please reply here

  • I am from bilibili in China, you are my favorite table tennis uploader in it.

  • you did not test which racket number is best for Jackpots...!?

  • Made in Germany.

  • Why are the rackets 200 aud

  • they dont ship in the phillipines😭

  • do they ship in phillipines?

  • So expensive!!! But im happy for you guys

  • i ve Been wanted to Bus one as i ve seen it gut they was still out

  • Cover the table completely in racket rubber!

  • This left hand guy is nightmare to play against.

  • I hope i can get one 😍

  • Fill a ping pong ball with helium and do an upside down challenge!

  • ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/1np9rX6at2iqp2U

  • I'll be buying it hopefully

  • i bought one

  • Suggestion for the leftover rubber; Can you make with the leftover rubber a new rubber for a pingpong racket? Or can you make a pingpong ball out of the leftover rubber?

  • Love your channel guys


  • Has the thumbnail changed? Like, when the video first came out it was Otto looking sad, and now its Otto cheering.

  • 流 水 线

  • Challenge reach 4 million subscribes by the end of the year or 3 million subs

  • I love it, but it costs too much

  • i wonder !??!? Do you use Pongfinty racket in a tournament ?? or a other type with butterfly or known equipment ?? Just curious, dont wanna sound rude here ;-) love your videos :-)

  • Im also a tabble tennis player

  • Wish i had one

  • I would undoubtedly buy one if it wasn't 140$, 60$ fersherr but I'm too poor for 140$

  • Wow

  • Please .... make a criss-cross black & red pattern with the left over rubbers!!!!!!!! Epic and then run a bid for that one of e a kind table tennis paddle!!!!!!!!

  • I buy four rackets from you

  • Can i get one🥺

  • How do I buy racket number 4!!!!?!?!?!?

  • 6:19 Thats so cool because also the Advantaged Tournament Players can Play with that Racket officially

  • Love your video's

  • Pongfinity Infinity-1 Table incoming? hahahaha

  • Made in Germany 😂

  • I want one I a am 12 years old I play table tennis

  • It al the same rackets

  • センセイ¡

  • I want those so badly but don't know if ship them to Vietnam

  • Otto doing the backpack kid dance🧐 6:01

  • i got the 99 th racket

  • (challenge) do the introduction in Spanish (please)

  • do the introduction in Spanish (please)

  • Hellos broo

  • Suggestion for a video. You guys should play a tournament with bingo cards filled with different kind of trickshots. First to fill a line wins :D

  • Can I use new Taiwan dollar to buy?

  • Have strangers next part on street

  • try to break every single ping pong world record

  • Can Chinese subtitles be included?

  • 你是沒國人還是台灣人

  • Hi pongfinity guys can you play ping pong with a golf ball🏑

  • 9:37 you yall mad about the pongfinity rackets?? I want that table on which otto slept...wtf is the strength of that table lol

  • Mikka - *gives a magic kiss otto - yeah no one wants to buy that now. Fangirls - Oh you don't have a slightest idea what's possible baby...

  • do a korean in the intruo

  • They’re already sold out I bet

  • Do a game match with only around the nets