Split Table Tennis Racket

פורסם בתאריך 12 אוק 2020
It's time for new challenges! Leave your ideas for the next episode below!
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  • Mikka manages to run a marathon even being a table

    • Haha

    • @Mikhail Skomarovskiy me

    • otto永远的神

    • @Cairo Brentley @Raphael Colten guys you can advertise your bullshit on more recent posts. Who the hell is watching comments of 5 months vid?

    • @Hassan Abbas he was joking too... Jesus Christ 😂

  • This is by far the funniest pongfinity video ever

  • Around 0:10 someone said the n word

  • 2:22 ... thx for laughing ... great idea and very funny ;-)

  • So ping pon is black side table tennis is the red ok

  • Mikka won


  • 0:53 「ムービーみたいもう笑」

  • Play on a iPad

  • the sleeping while playing was so funny they way he actually said how he was tired lol “just a few more shots then i’m going to bed” 😂😂😂

  • otto wins

  • 0:10 did he.. did he really said the word?!

  • At this point Mikka is more of a Track athlete than table tennis

  • Otto is legend

  • Someone can explain me whats the use of that type of racket?

  • Brasil

  • See Emil's face at 3:41

  • Mikka wins

  • Otto tu de dors??

  • Play whit your head

  • Best clip of the video 1:40

  • 4:09 i think he didn’t with the pimples

  • emil

  • 02:21 is the part ......

  • alwatslove Table Tenis

  • Create a Table Tennis Racket

  • Mikka did all the work when he was a table

  • Play without net

  • These guys are soooooo much fun!!!

  • I wanna be like pongfinty one day

  • 0:03 that face tho 🤣😂

  • net won(:

  • make under table shot

  • Do an intro in Nepali please

  • Hi

  • Is it just me or from 1:41 its like playing twice? Especially when Emil did a stomp

  • Love your content! Keep it coming!!!

  • You should put the rubber split horizontally across the blade. Choppers chop closer to the handle; topspinners usually use a liiiittle further out

  • 4:49 what a point

  • Miikka won

  • emil

  • That was hilarious and fun.

  • Do 5 around the net shots with a spatula, don’t think it will work

  • Пацаны ваще ребята!

  • The racket sounds so satisfying.


  • When Otto was sleeping he was like small baby

  • Otto

  • Logro desbloqueado: has encontrado un comentario en Español.

  • But what’s behind the blue wall??????????

  • who know in ping pong it's the table that burns the most calories

  • Here's challeng play table tennis when you are doing gym

  • Aqwi282 na l2928djdumšaosms0ie83w9 na 2oowiw92owkskeje8ejiewe{~ó esa Windows ahoj a

  • Есть русские?

  • the “Table” did more moving than the player🤣!

  • no matter what miikka always runs a marathon

  • You guys should do another ping pong gun game. Those are amazing!

  • Challenge : ghost serve while sleeping

  • i think it's Otto

  • Table tennis but the table has more work to do then the player😂

  • 2:45 it needs a: don't give me there...

  • who i think won the racket table... te table wonh

  • the way emil looked at the camera after he hit it. priceless.

  • I'm better than eemil and otto mikka

  • play under the table

  • 2:06 real winner is mikka

  • 2:44 deserved a "Don't give me there"

  • Play ping pong as closing your 👀 eyes


  • Tape bats to the edges for extra defense

  • Play table tennis on a long and skinny plank

  • I really like your videos guys and also i really want one of your nets but at least for me its too expensive

  • Can you play table tennis but with a Billiard ball? Please...

  • Mikka is a good athlete

  • 0:09 miikka said the n word

  • Table as a racket

  • se caen a pedazos

  • Can you play table tennis with a fidget spinner rotating with your hand ?? Take this as a part of challenge pongfinity

  • XDD at 2:44 and 2:45 he makes a spin corner shot with his eyes closed XDDD

  • new olimpic sport play table tennis on a racket the best sport in the world

  • Молодцы ребята с первых секунд рассмешили )подняли настроение )сразу лайк ставлю)

  • I love

  • 3:00 what is the differnce

  • 0:10 sounds like someone said the n word idk lol

  • 1:00 “Playing ping pong against the table”

  • Lower the table or use the floor and play ping pong on the floor.

  • Djfhjvgh

  • Challenge playing pingpong in swimming pool

  • challenge :- play smash game with hands ( No Racquet )

  • 普通にうますぎん?w

  • The table was moving more than both players combined

  • Wow👍🎉

  • challenge play ping pong while reading

  • play table tennis on a net


  • O

  • O

  • 2:06 mikka won it hahaha

  • I think Mikka wins the match

  • Play teable tennis without a net