Sideways Ping Pong

פורסם בתאריך 19 אוג 2021
Challenge Pongfinity is back! This time we asked for comments on Instagram and tried to play ping pong while hula hooping, on a sideways turned table and while juggling!
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  • Ngl, it took me a moment to remember how gravity works when I saw the thumbnail.

  • When will you play while sleeping?

  • Can you try to play under the table

  • Voitteko tehä vidon suomeksi ja englanniksi tekstitykset


  • Buy the cheapest rubber you can find and put it on a pongfinity sensei

  • #challenge Both of the players should hit the ball and then run a round of the table then continue the same. Both of the players will hit the ball and take a round of the table

  • A new challenge- Make a table tennis table made of rubber. Maximize your rotational power. And Play with rubber ball

  • Play a match with your hands

  • Please post a video

  • Play with two rackets

  • play with a slinky

  • 1:51 Man, I wish I had Otto's feel for the ball...

  • ЭЭЭЭЭЙ браишки подарите мне комплект)

  • Play on Hoverboards or segways

  • Best thing of the channel is how they pronounce Otto's name!

  • Play with burning ball

  • This is great!!!! Challenge (pls):Play table tennis without racket(with hands) it works

  • Yes

  • Otto's around the nets are insane! Love it!

  • Play a match with double sided tape on the rubber

  • Play with only 1 half of the table

  • play a 4 vs 4 giant ping pong match

  • Hello! I’m a big fan.. Can you do the intro with your hands up?

  • Use your hands to play 11 points

  • Glow in the dark, bouncy ball, gun game

  • Sensei looks chubbier than usual.

  • Do intro in Afghani

  • Do your intro in hindi

  • I think Otto should play with an aquarium with fish in it. P.S. I don't know how.

  • I want you guys to make 10 lucky shots in a row.

  • Play table (tennis)with a (tennis racket)and a (tennis ball)

  • Challenge : play table tennis with badminton racket

  • Can you guys play volleyball i want to see otto's massive footwork like in the olympic player video

  • Play table tennis but with a pillow, please.

  • Imagine having 2.75M subs for playing ping pong

  • Brawl stars😆

  • esses cara é foda

  • I love your videos men! its just like some guys having a lot of fun together and thats nice to see in these times!

  • the otto is be cool with no hair ;)

  • Challenge: play on balance boards

  • put cover the table tennis table with pongfinity racquet rubber all over it


  • Ay love stereo types plz part5

  • I was a national tt player I also have like 5Q on backhand and butterfly Tenergy on forehand and the bat of tibhar wood but I left tt I feel very sad .... cuz of studies 🙂😭

  • return otto's around the net with an around the net

  • you should play in a weelchair

  • Play table tennis while working on a computer,please

  • Do the intro in Italian, please

  • Challenge - Play a match with paper🙂

  • Challenge: don't put the( shot of the day) in the beginning of the video and put it in the end of the video

  • Hi I'm brazilian love you

  • #challengepongfinity Play ping pong on trampolines

  • I love YOU guuyys! Fantastico videos!

  • Any chance you guys could do a video explaining how you all met and how PongFinity was conceived as an amazing channel? As I’ve mentioned on another video I’m hooked to the channel; Miikka - Runs a marathon to hit the ball Otto - If Thor and Zeus had a child that never slept and tirelessly played Ping Pong 🏓 that would be Otto Emil - All Rounder and nearly a foot taller than everyone

  • do intro with turkish

  • I love your videos and i want to give a small challenge for you: I actually never saw '' around the world '' trick doing by you, guys. So maybe you can try to do it.

  • Challenge: Play with your eyes closed. You can only use your ears to hear the ping pong ball sound.

  • how about controling drones to hold rackets and hitting balls.

  • Play table tennis in wheelchairs

  • Play a rally of only tomahawks

  • I am a big fan from kerala next time can you take intro in malayalam

  • I love the xu xin catch

  • I randomly found your lovely channel. And now I'm addicted to it. It's so amazing. I've been watching you guys for a week now and lovin it.

  • Mikka and Otto will give the pongfinity intro in Bengali language

  • You guys are my favourite ILaward Channel. Keep going and try to reach 3 Million Subscribers by the end of 2021. Try playing Ping Pong with your hand!

  • Bleach tennis pls

  • Challenge play Tennis with table tennis rackets or vica verca

  • Plz make a rally of around the net

  • Do your intro in hindi

  • Play table tennis with your hands . BTW love from india

  • Play table tennis with a ballon

  • I was expecting a meme ping pong channel, but not for them to be this good

  • Play with a really long high net

  • Do your intro taped to a wall

  • you should put a net on the floor and play on the floor

  • Play in a ring of wrestling with Kane mask and undertaker attire

  • You guys should play games where the net... Is raised after each point Is moved away from the player who scored last after each point Constantly rises during each rally Constantly moves away from the player who served Constantly moves away from the player in the lead Oh, and one where the side of the table for the player who scored last is tilted upwards more after each point

  • всем русским салам

  • Emil r u related to mikka hakkinnen in anyway

  • Try a Ball made out of helium

  • challenge: Build a treehouse with a lid in your mouth and trade in the treehouse with a wooden table and the lid in your mouth

  • Can you try to make a video in finnish? Right now im trying to learn it so it would be nice! Kiitos

  • Challenge: play a match that after every hit you need to change the side of the racket you play

  • They are the funniest players of table tennis

  • When your so good at ping pong you have to reinvent the game

  • Play from laptop as a table tennis racket

  • Mikkha is so active whiles playing

  • Do your intro in Greek

  • Do your intro by standing on top of the table

  • Play table tennis with water bottle and a ponpong ball with 120 holes in it

  • Can we see a tournament with just the pongfinity staff and maybe some special guests??????

  • change your musics, its like insurance advertisement music

  • Hey Pongfinity you should play a match where you attach the rubbers to your hands and play like that!!!

  • how can I buy it in China

  • Can you guys do double ping pong shot around the net? Please make a video for it

  • Challenge: Hit a ping pong ball with a plastic cup

  • Challenge: try playing on a matress with cushions as racket. 😂

  • BUT... just play a normal ping-pong match???

  • Do your intro in Turkish