Pongfinity vs Football Goalkeeper

פורסם בתאריך 28 יונ 2021
Football trick shots combined with ping pong. We teamed up with football specialist @Lassi Hurskainen to celebrate EURO 2020!
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  • What a surprise leg 😅

  • muy bueno otto sos re copado men buenos tricks anashe

  • football is harder than ping pong but they are both very fun

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  • I literally like soccer/football and ping pong at the same time lol

  • I think Italy will won Because of there goal Keeper

  • Fantastic video

  • This was one of the most entertaining segments! Brilliant!

  • Email Mika otto paixte tennid

  • Wow

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  • Кто подскажет как называется футбольный мяч?

  • 3:16 монтаж

  • ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/zpyDp3p83IylqYo

  • ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/zpyDp3p83IylqYo

    • ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/zpyDp3p83IylqYo

  • Next Step Table Tennis vs Ski Jumping 🙂

  • italy

  • 1:49

  • Ping Pong meilleur


  • I love football it's my love but this Channel it's the top channel

  • Pongfinity vs dude perfect

  • Hi

  • Time for some doubles: I dont need a racket thank you: Me: Wait what Me after two seconds: Oh hes going to 1v2 them, WAIT WHAT

  • Tajusin vasta et ootte suomest ja tost sexy pöxyt paidasta!

  • Roberto Curlos get it curl os

  • 1:22 'o tir a gir'

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  • How did I not see this til now

  • Mikka just looks like griezmann😆

  • He was a great guy to help him and y the time I have to be in the office and ugi I will be there for you to do a quick call you have a nice evening and you can call anytime anytime soon love anytime you have to a call or anytime you need me anytime you need anything let me know thanks bye love love

  • i feel sorry for otto 0:48

  • Pongfinity is best

  • Ist kraß

  • Crazy stuff! 👍👍


  • Pingpong trickshot on my channel. I challenge you all to do it

  • 3:30 my whole sports career in juat 1 clip lol

  • Griezman should think about a ping pong career when he retires

  • Challenge: Play ping pong under water using a denser ball

    • Ps you can wear scuba gear

  • Pongfinity be like: Dude Perfect who

  • otto imha hattı

  • Do your intro in russian

  • your face when you found out your homework had a backside - 0:37


  • Looked like dude perfect video.

  • Enter the cool ping pong fireball channel

  • you guys really helped everyone during these times, stay safe and keep up the good work

  • Dude perfect vibes👀

  • It is impossible!!!!!!!!!!

  • i give you a challenge to play by wearing roller skates...it isnt easy

  • Can you all can twll what foot you are?

  • Test

  • It’s better with the bloopers . Well done.

  • 2:45 I thought the ball would come out from my screen.

  • 0:07 POV : you are the jackpot man of the year

  • Football

  • The racket is the table and the table is the racket

  • Italy

  • I think ILaward is shadow banning your videos

  • Italy

  • You should participate in Olympic games

  • Where’s your car? Why? 🤣

  • Is it allowed to play table Tennis with the foot

  • I Like dude perfect

  • I am Russian and I subscribe to this channel. I do not like English very well.

  • This video looks…… familiar

  • Ootteko suomalaisia ku näin tän kanavan eilen ja teillä on pari suomeksi videota

  • This guy is so friendly

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  • 99% videos is fake

  • Play table tennis with u r forehead.

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  • This really is epic, I've waited for these things and finally one has come out! LETS GO PONGFINITY!

  • You guys can play football without any coaching stuff 😜

  • תהסו באברית בכשה

  • Italy

  • Italy

  • It went to Rome

  • Ootteko suomalaisii?

  • Italy won

  • Guys! You are sooo cool!!! Damn!!! Unbelievable!! I love you guys!!!

  • Bình thường

  • Pongfinity, thanks for your amazing videos! It brings me a happy smile on my face and it makes my day . Thanks for the amazing content

    • yep

  • I think you guys forgot the around the net.

  • Waste of talent

  • Nice epic

  • My video froze at 0:15 the futbol player’s face was too funny

  • pongfinity is becoming dude perfect

  • Hai

  • England

  • Do one intro on Serbian language

  • I really like this movie.SOCCER and table tennis are good!

  • Challenge: do around the net with tomahawk Smash

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  • 2:45 Damnit, I blinked, hahaha

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