Pongfinity Ball With 100 Holes

פורסם בתאריך 29 אפר 2021
Challenge Pongfinity returns with episode 45 full of fun and crazy challenges!
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  • These challenges were a lot of fun to try out! Leave your ideas for the next Challenge Pongfinity episode in the comments below! 👇

    • Maybe 3D print a ball with the least surface area as possible? Or a make a ball with spikes?

    • Challenge-play on a table in a swimming pool

    • Yesterday I played game for table tennis

    • there are 10 nets serves , make it 20

    • Привет

  • It looks like a plastic golf ball

  • Maybe 3D print a ball with the minimum surface area as possible

  • There are 102 holes.

  • I tried too I passed but it broke

  • Good game

  • In other words it was heavier

  • yes

  • O

  • check out my table tennis rap with eng subtitles .coming soon... ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/lWln3K-GzGq6eJw&ab_channel=RichART was a informer dancer and choreoraph for lou bega...

  • No net just a line

  • 1 metre tall net

  • Challenge-play on the table in swimming pool

  • Ping pong ball with holes equals to pickleball

  • first a pongfinity net then some pongfinity balls after, it wil be pongfinity table

  • make a little bigger holes

  • I thought it was a golf ball

  • Challenge: - hit by hands full game

  • btw i checked it in slow motion the third serve was not a net serve...

  • The ball should bounce on other side for it to be around the net in the header segment.

  • Ovo je neki srb

  • you guys never fail to amuse me. keep up the amazing work!

  • Enter the cool ping pong fireball channel

  • play ping pong while playing pongfinity mobile game

  • Ping pong but there is a massive hole in the middle of the table

  • Play PINGPONG blindfolded

  • 0:05 he IS from balkan

  • Do your intro Danish

  • I'm from Brazil, and I like your videos a lot, you guys speak brazilian could make a video talking brazilian for me to understand

  • Give intro in hindi

  • Play ping pong but have the table a ping pong racket and the racket the table

  • Today : We play with 100 holes ball TT Tommorow : We play TT without ball

  • For a second I thought that was a golf ball

  • Challenge: do an around the net with 15 items used in the video 1 rally with 100 different items

  • :(

  • It looks like a golf ball with 100 holes on it

  • Do a around the net with the phone charger.You make me very happy because of you I learned to play table tennis very well.Greetings from Serbia.

  • play ping pong with ping pong balls

  • around the nets with pongfinity net-no look under the leg

  • Try how many serves around the net Otto can do.


  • Ping pong with a whiffle ball

  • You should have a ball with a little bit of water

  • Can you show us how to return spikes.

  • Its like you're playinng in the russian flag background

  • I'd be interested to see them poke a little bit larger holes on only one half of the ball. It could act like a wiffle ball and provide an incredible amount of spin

  • who else doesn't play ping pong but just watches these guys cus there entertaining

  • Play ping pong with a coin


  • june 2021

  • Judging by the thumbnail i thought the Ball with holes was a golf ball

  • When i grow up i want to be like you guys!

  • Change the net direction

  • the only balls i want are Mikas :)

  • Otto can do a 10 net serves intentionally. I do them when i’m scared in a match.

  • It looks a bit like a golfball

  • play table tennis by bat

  • Room is a Russian flag. 🇷🇺

  • Would have had more interesting shots if the hole sizes were larger and irregularly shaped, kind of like wiffle ball.

  • Me and my friend got to round 9

    • Ystäväni ja minä pääsimme kierrokselle 9.

  • Wow!

  • play just with a finger without a racket

  • Try to do a rally while blindfolded

  • Try playing ping pong with wood

  • Some say that underneath his beard, Otto keeps a backup beard

  • "Its goes hard, if you hit it hard" ~Mikka Lol 😂😂😂

  • It goes hard when you hit it hard. Mikka 2021

  • play table tennis with a ludo dice instead of a ponfinty ball

  • can you do you intro in korean plz thanks

  • Do intro twice, and both of them must be the same. I'm curious that can you read my name or not.

  • Play with glass top side

  • hey! can you do and sell oranges balls of ping pong?. Is to pretty to see an oragne one that a white one... on my opinion.. thnks!!

  • Pongfinity I love you guys. My only request to you is can you do your intro in Punjabi

  • 1:51 Pongfinity: Now we got content

  • 1:31 Mrbeast: Its called content

  • Tehkää intro suomeksi. Do the intro in finnish

  • Smash the ball and see how many timeis ittakes tobreak it

  • “It goes hard, if you hit it hard” *Every minute in Africa, 60 seconds past*

  • should poke holes only to 1 hafl of the ball kinda like a wiffle ball and see how it flyes. maybe it reacts like it a wiffle does

  • #Challenge: Play table tennis by sitting on the table

  • Make intro in czech

  • I dare you to play ping pong while upside down (suspended). You, not the table

  • play ping pong with a gumball

  • Play Non-dominant hand

  • Grade the ball with a cheese grader

  • You should try playing ping pong with the table shaped like a upside down 'V' ( ^ shape )

  • Challenge Idea: eat a sandwich in your dominant hand while playing with your non-dominant hand

  • How does this video have dislikes?

  • When have the played real table tennis ?

  • 1: 12 me: ..................................math? sound? wahhhh slow?

  • Play with a golf ball

  • Wish everyone would watch the video and comment 

  • 4:59 it was the most funniest quotation i've ever heard

  • Alternative title: ponginity golf ball


  • Jeez, I didn't realize how much skill table tennis took until I found this channel... I mean all the spins and super fast hits

  • Make a racket out of concrete

  • Thank you for the inspiring quote at the end miikka

  • #Challenge Play a whole game with roller skates on.

  • Make 50 holes in the table and then play