Ping Pong: Expectations vs. Reality

פורסם בתאריך 17 דצמ 2020
Expectations vs. reality in ping pong, can you relate to these?
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  • Gürkan adamdır

  • The fact that they managed to fail is incredible. Must have required lots of concentration

  • LMAO

  • Reality never judge a book with the cover

  • Around the Net shot: Reality 😂😂 So me

  • 2:23 black rubber on both sides? Can't be reality! 😉

  • I think the forehand loop is the best thing I ever seen in my life 😂😂😂

  • do a part 2

  • You can make a video that explains how to do the punch that revolves around the net?

  • part 2!

  • goooooood

  • The hallowed saturday provisionally boast because television yearly last amongst a mute spike. fuzzy , willing hall

  • Plot twist the reality are just bloopers

  • 3:22

  • 2:53 happens so often lmao

  • Expectations are the ones they got right Reality is the bloopers That’s why there’s more bloopers

  • So true 🤣

  • Some say that ghost spin is still going

  • hallo

  • The opponent of Emil in 3:50 uses a wooden racket with no rubber. But it changed to a normal table tennis racket in 3:52

  • Hmm

  • Toi ottelupallo oli paras 😂😂

  • From where does the chirp sound comes?

  • 2:14 lmao

  • When you realise that you are the easy first round opponent.

  • Pt 2 please!

  • Definitely the best Pongfinity video. So much irony!

  • the ghost serve really affected me

  • first match was an easy match for your opponent

  • Facc

  • 1:51 look at miikka!!!!!

  • Funny thing is these guys have a reality what is shown in expectations

  • I don't even get to play where I live, there's no tournaments, or even tables in public places : /

  • Their reality is my expectation

  • Can Chinese subtitles be included?

  • Türkler var mi ?🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Table tennis equipment were harmed during making if this video

  • 3:10 me playing tennis

  • 3:10 Best part XDD Thats me btw

  • Reality - you never win, there will always be a Chinese who is better than you

  • So funny

  • quem e do brassil da o lkee!!!!!!!!!

  • 3:51 Its all in the glasses :)

  • So ghost serve means, that your oppenent can not see how you touch the ball. Does this really matter as a pro player?


  • 2:02 now i gotta rewatch prince of tennis all over again... SNAKE

  • Funfact - Their reality is my expectations....😂😂😂😂

  • The tangible asparagus intialy bury because button understandably race underneath a unknown fibre. offbeat, steep dill

  • Kenta, Hugo and Dimitrij serve Do i miss anyone else serve style?

  • i love it how the Viking casually destroys everyone

  • These are actually good because they have the skills to do the expectations part

  • I love you videos

  • 2:12🤣

  • Fun fact: they did the expectation in the first try But it took them loads of tries to do the reality

  • In the racket selection, you can actually see the Pongfinity bat there and Otto picks it even though it hasn’t been released yet then. Such a good Easter egg leading up to the release!

    • Even the racket handle design is from the Pongfinity racket though

    • It's just their edge tape which has been on their store for quite some time

  • Plot twist: it was all their failed attempts at the reality

  • Can you make a part 2

  • XD

  • The way Otto shuts down any attempts at a trick with a slam shot lol

  • Who noticed the mic in otto’s beard

  • Abouth the reality of playing with a new rocket, you also will probably damage it with the corner of the table in first 5 minutes

  • Well Boys, let's just say reality is hard lol

  • My reality is your expectation

  • Pogfinity

  • אני כלכך אוהב את הסרטונים שלכם אז כמובן הפעלתי פעמון ושמתי לייק

  • Do you can drop shot

  • Very good

  • 4:11 someone laughs on Emil.

  • ghost serve ball:I don't go back~

  • the reality of match point was extremely anticlimactic and it made me laugh

  • Brilliant. Thanks for making me snort up my coffee.

  • Reality is often disappointing

  • Ooooooh around the net noice 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • So good! :)

  • Me: mom can we get ping pong gear? Mom: we have ping pong gear at home Ping pong gear at home: 2:43

  • 3:40 That‘s a very expensive blade for a player this shit

  • 'you read the snake spin pretty well' 'well, there was no spin'

  • But I liked your video

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • first ever players just smashes the whole game.

  • I just love The vid!!

  • the "snake" one was damn funny it happen exactly with me

  • Please make part 2 of this....I enjoy this video

  • Expectation vs Reality

  • Tipico

  • Their reality is better than my expectations

  • Savage Otto

  • +1sub

  • 4:55 SNAKE!🐍

  • That was one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen xD

  • I Love you

  • That’s so cool

  • 2:10 around the net nice

  • You guys have inspired me to play ping pong every day for at least an hour

  • That ghost spin reality is so fucking me

  • For your team all is reality x)

  • Guys please post part 2 it's awesome 👍👍👍

  • 4:47 me in real life

  • 1:43 come on guy

  • 3:51 Mikka's racket changed xd