How to Defend in Table Tennis

פורסם בתאריך 26 אוק 2020
The second episode of Emil's chopping experiment! Improvement can be seen, but there's still a long way to go!
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  • Making some progress, but there's still so much to learn!

  • Mr tsukimoto

  • Chalange:you should play from the wood grip

  • 0:39 This music sound is familiar. After "Goodbye" with calm voice this sound starts play.

  • This one is so nostalgic my coach used make do the chop everyday he trained me so well that every time I chop wherever and whatever the ball is, I would chop at a net level

  • When Otto is car in hebrow

  • Smaller motion in the backhand side. Let the ball go out. No problem. Net balls. Don't let that happen..

  • Chopping That's Han Ying when versus Minnie Soo

  • please make more tutorials🙏

  • 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿

  • 2:27 we all need a friend like Mikka

  • Emil is the king of chop

  • Pongfinity, whenever i try to do chop , it always goes sidespin and not backspin. What should i do to make it go backspin. Pls help

  • Make a video about forehand chopping too!!

  • Why does otto keeps mic to his beard

  • You are getting better Emil! Nice work!

  • Otto is good at pingpong

  • Sensei: "Don't give me there." "Thats MY combo." 😂

  • So using pips is not like many haters say. They say, pips are easy mode, and you don't need skill to use them well. Omegalul. What fools.

  • Is it still going?

  • I LITERALLY watched this 7 times because its too statisfying and comforting

  • Episode 3 plssss

  • Should use the forehand chop as well because soft forehand top spin doesn't give you enough time to reposition. A chopper.

  • Bilut is the advantage with these c chops? ( it doesn't look spinned )..

  • Hi

  • I am defender. My advice to u is, to turn more side on when chopping. For righthander, chopping on BH, your right foot must be a little infront of your left foot. Why? Because this will allow you to have a better swing (more room to swing your bat) Better swing to chop, will gernerate more backspin

  • When is the next Emil Chopping Video???

  • Seems like you need to be more side on, so you can get on your back leg and shift weight on backhand chop and then reset into a waiting forehand position. At least that is how my coaches are suggesting.

  • Shouldn’t you be ready for the forehand

  • Are you not trying to shift weight on backhand chop ?

  • Nice❤️

  • where do you live

  • The previous bite bailly press because criminal tentatively wink than a quaint sandra. purple, murky collar

  • Challenge:play a match with 3 table and only around the net

  • Whats the equipment used,the pip n blade

  • the racket should be in the middle s if it goes forehand or backhand its easy to adjust

  • ここに日本人の方はいらっしゃいますか〜


  • 1:02 the strong fricking finnish accent

  • Why Emil don't plays tournament like oto

  • Maybe try chopping more forward and not brush the ball. Cus long pimples cant rush the ball and my senior plays as a chopper for a few years. Hope it helps

  • Why don't you learn to chop forehand also?

  • *smooth*

  • wanna more this kind fo videos!

  • your chop is so good

  • What injurie did Emil have🤔

  • Good #zkjoechannel

  • whats alture of emil

  • When do Emil chop

  • What’s the Emils full name

  • Don't forget that you are practicing with top level players. Your standards of what is good enough are very high in that environment.

  • at least learned something thanks!

  • カットの形綺麗

  • Koki Niwa From Pongfinity....

  • Please make more tutorial video of table tennis

  • Do really need the black side is the forehand?

  • Emil, Why don't you do forehand chop?

  • How to defend to table tennis 👍

  • 👍

  • Muy bueno pueden poner los subtítulos en español

  • 00:34 ôtto

  • good video

  • nice chopping!

  • really good videos, how is your chopp now?

  • Spinn

  • Um the racket is the hard bat type

  • Good

  • Really enjoying seeing ur videos... I ❤️ to see ur videos bcoz some magic will be there on ur video like if we see means we will automatically love it... I love pongfinity videos a lott.. and want to see more n more videos... By ur videos I'm learning a lott... In table tennis... I ❤️ table tennis

  • шипы на ракетке толька у Эмиля?

  • Good

  • What long pimples are u using?

  • Pls do your Intro in Czech!

  • Wow if i have free time i watch you everyday!im sub

  • hello I would appreciate if you could upload raise your ping pong level (serves, special shots, defense etc). thanks


  • Pingpong is a very respecteful sporr

  • 日本人ですけど楽しく見てます前ニーズ

  • Try to do the intro with Chinese

  • Emil Se Hyuk

  • Hi! I suggest using Ox long pips (no sponge) for more control

  • Emil: I need to improve my footwork Mika: You should step a bit closer Emil: aM i A jOkE tO yOu

  • love these how to videos

  • joo se hyuk's chopping lesson video is here even though the video is korean, watching his chopping posture will help you to chop

  • Joo Se Hyuk

  • Livo 💖

  • Here is THE song for this:

  • Emil: *chop Otto: * PRIMO SMASH Emil: *awkward laugh

  • Would be really cool if you would do this now more often, maybe every two or three months!

  • Challenge idea: play with an outdoor table tennis paddle


  • emil is getting better

  • chop champ

  • Make a how to attack video

  • When will we see some forehand chops?

  • Can you play ping pong with a cell phone instead of a racket? 

  • Soon getting 2 , million 😎

  • make a video in spanish

  • Helo play with a pensil

  • Please Make Tutorials Also

  • A funny intro, Sensei Otto in the action