Funniest Moments 2020

פורסם בתאריך 26 דצמ 2020
Enjoy our funniest bloopers and behind the scene footages from our filming sessions in 2020! :D
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  • If you laugh at any point during the video = subscribe 😎😂 // Despite 2020 being tough, there's been plenty of hilarious moments while filming and we hope we’ve managed to bring some joy to your year! It’s been super fun filming these videos but also a lot of work, so we’ll be taking a short break now but we’ll see you guys again in a month. Happy Holidays everybody!


    • 3:00 the Mario song

    • @Luca Frascella ma è fake?

    • Вы крутые ребята, привет из России 😎

    • You guys are the best! Really happy that you've uploaded your Trampoline video. It was a brilliant video!

  • That song is...........horror

  • rzygi sranie 3

  • try to play ping pong whit 8 players in 2 tables XD

  • Otto: 'i could do that since i was 4.." Me: didnt even know what table tennis was when i was 4

  • Pongfinity's videos are better than try not to laugh challenge videos😂

  • Ottos laugh during the egg throwing sound like a 3 year old laugh for no reason but it so funny to him lol

  • 0:09 jaja pendejo dice XDDDDD

  • Alternate title: Emil getting hit in the face with a ping pong ball for 12 mins 38 seconds

  • Make sure to sub or I will find you

  • 7:30 the face of Emil jajajajjajajsjajjasjajajajj

  • olir o kotha sune (OP) best song ever

  • Challenge: Oil the table and play

  • Gua indo

  • 4:48 hahahhahahhahahahahahahaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Can someone explain how the wichcraft of 0:19 works?!?!? I’m so confused!

  • 9:15 sensei pandawan

  • Mom: Go play with the neighbour’s kid The neighbour’s kid: 4:30

  • Ah so cute from 4:49 to 4:51

  • 6:00 6:11

  • ¥

  • 9:13 I can't help laughing😂😂


  • Am I the only one here who doesn't play or watch TT but still love this channel 😋 ?

  • 0:18 invisible man is her 😁

  • The mario beat😮😮 3:01

  • the singer is Whitney Houston

  • So funny

  • 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 3:09😂😂

  • i love otto because he sounds like goofy when he laughs

  • 12:11 ну давай

  • her: “he’s probably out cheating” me and the boys at 2am; 1:32

  • why is it always emil

  • 2:30

  • 2:32

  • 4:16 This is from what vídeo?

  • 7:10 which music is that?

  • 5:03 sounds like wolfes :D

  • 5:00 and i Will Always love youu

  • laugh ever

  • 7:29 alien

  • Jackpot

  • Hey guys, we're Pongfinity. "We have kids." And that's the video. Thank you for watching.

  • 5:55🤣🤣🤣

  • 10:40 cuckoo

  • Hi can i have a pimpong palette?

  • ”Guys, remember to subscribe, if you haven't done it already, or otherwise... I will find you” - Otto Neeson

  • Olimpíadas 2024

  • I love how they don’t even use their own nets

  • 0:27 ah yes, my favorite racket... NOSE!

  • 1: 38 was the most funniest part.

  • 2:01 fav moment

  • Miikka🤣

  • yes, but can you play ping pong under water ?(use a denser ball or something ig)

  • 🇮🇹 Italia

  • stereotypes 5: Jackpot guy

  • 好力還

  • headpot

  • I swear Otto sounds so terrifying when he said remember to subscribe or otherwise.... I will find you💀🤣

  • I like the dancing of Mikka in the sumo costume

  • You and dude perfect should colab

  • aren't these grown men XD

  • 9:07 and 10:36 and 5:10 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The song is I will always love you by Whitney Houston

  • Challenge: Sing Umbrella, the full song. Like at 5:11

  • 00:59 that noise by Otto

  • Of ping pong

  • Ghost

  • Emil when have nice voice when he signed umbrella

  • moto 😘

  • 8:08

  • :)

  • Try to do a one minute rally with hitting it like a serve every time

  • 3:49 wilsooooooooooon

  • 😭just one the net but i don't have dollar but i just get rm Malaysia

  • Я здесь один русский?

  • 1:40 wtf is this

  • Omg its mario xD 3:01

  • 0:15 no one shot the ball

  • For the outro it showed Emil, but Mikka said it

  • Task failed succesfully

  • Challenge: play ping pong but the table is a z

  • Gg

  • The clumsiest youtubers on this planet

  • 2:00 🖐hello!✌ting tong!

  • Bro mikkaa going crazy at 8:20😂

  • 12:12 Yoda, I have been expecting you! Much to learn you still have Young padawan!💥💥💥

  • how old is miikka?

  • It went from ping pong to being drunk and its 3am with the boys

  • 8:05 i's the best

  • 7:10 song please 😌

  • When Otto laughs he sounds so funny he also sounds like goofy🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Why don’t you play over a equipment that you can get.

  • Wtf is this video?!!

  • I agree

  • 100/100 cringe and cute

  • 0:15 can someone explain the physics of that plz. My head is 200 pumped brain damaged

  • Hola soy español me encantan vuestros videos

  • Guys remember to subscribe if you haven't done so, otherwise I WILL FIND YOU😂😂😂