Frozen Table Challenge

פורסם בתאריך 4 מרץ 2021
We built a ping pong table completely out of ice and tried to play on it!
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  • This was awesome 😃 Ice table tournament coming soon!

    • 外国ニキおおすぎい!

    • Ok it sounds cool

    • Hello Pongfinity is the Ball a normal table tennis ball?

    • What about ice bats

    • Hi

  • 80000 likes i was the 80000th

  • These guys’ imagination and hard work are just unbelievable. They’re geniuses

  • Why does Miika always speak in that british accent?

  • “Normal day in Finland”

  • I didn‘t believe my eyes when I watched this vid 🤣!! Hilarious and very well done 👍🤩!!

  • Next time you do it by making him a frame out of wood and filling it with snow!😄

  • 真棒

  • Should have combined this with Ice racket

  • *I thought at first, they will just put water on a table, let it freeze, and play on that. But holysheeettttt. This is one main reasons I am grateful for internet* *Amazing Work*

  • Can u come too Sweden some day

  • frozen jokes

  • Where are you from

  • Fajny ten pingpong na śniegu

  • Feel like this is what ping pong players in Siberia do

  • 4:29 What a genius Miikka

  • The most beautiful country I've ever seen

  • money heist helsinki ????

  • Резину жалко

  • You look really nordic, you norwegian?

  • すげー

  • The best part was this with the preparations and the jump at 8:12 👍 🤣

  • What's the name of the first song ? :00:1

  • 5:33 thats what she said

  • Can't believe they didn't go for the it was "cool" joke.

  • Are you Guys from Finland?

  • Не шарят молодые, белым шариком надо было играть;)

  • 雪すげー

  • Use the frozen table Frozen racket a frozen ball

  • This is how they train in China

  • New winter Olympic sport

  • gotta hand to you guys; this is some hella quality content. Hats off lads.

  • thats it, im coming to finland

  • 卓球もうまいし企画も面白いからさいこー

  • great idea 😍

  • 💯💯💯😀😀😀

  • sandpaper?

  • Don’t mind me. I’m just watering my ping pong table

  • why don't stay japanese .

  • Love from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • and this is a video worth 2.5 or even 25 milion views. Not those stupid ones from diferent youtubers

  • Feeling as this would be used in the next Winter Olympics games

  • *Esto saldra en un poco de todo*

  • 外国人のこういうクリエイティブな発想好き

  • 日本人いませんかーーー

  • おもしろい

  • Emil: it’s seventeen degrees today. Me:Wears a tee-shirt when it is 14 degrees. 🤣

  • ここ行きたい

  • Amazing

  • The most Nordic thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of colorful houses in my time

  • ありがとう

  • しききすしし

  • 誰か日本人いる?

    • 🙋‍♂️日本人ー

  • I didn't know Finnish sense of humour was so sophisticated...

  • Gotta love Miikko's infectious laugh

  • That's good!I want to play it.

  • This should be included in winter Olympics...really loved it!!

  • Mic d op

  • Bts

  • 3:05のチョップチョップチョップチョップチョップチョップ… っていうの好きだわぁ

    • 気持ちいいですよなぁ

  • すごい

  • 7:36 what you came for

  • It looks sooo amazimg there


  • Snow fantastic

  • That was great! Looks like a lot of effort on your end but it payed off! Amazing!🌨️🧊

  • If winter Olympic takes place in Finland

  • Why not use the frozen ping pong table with the ice paddles and the ice ball

  • ドコノクンニ?

  • これは面白い企画だな〜👍

  • 先生(sensei)

  • -20 weather. Awww, that’s cute. Try walking to school in middle of winter here in Canada. when it’s -40.

  • Finally, table tennis could be added to winter olympics.

  • 3:42 WOTAAA

  • 面白い!

  • Miikka looks like a child helping his dad with D.I.Y

  • You guys are living in heaven wish I could also live in a place like this🥺

  • これピンポン球なくすw

  • 🇷🇺?

  • what a cool project

  • Otto what's your skin care routine.

  • Cool

  • This is very good content reallyyyyy

  • This is a very russian idea

  • 5:33 when i am in a 5-meter vercinity of a girl

  • Top la vidéo

  • さいっこう!😂

  • I kind of wish I can live there now

  • no Table ? just wait for winter... btw if u do 2.0 then use ice bats next time too ! xD i would love it edit: just seeing you did a frozen ball challenge: now u hqve to play with one of those too... congrats xD

  • He really lives up to his steryeotype name hahahha

  • You guys know how to live a good life, respect!

  • Try a frozen table and a frozen ball and frozen racket.

  • if that water was clean imagine how nice it woukd feel to drink

  • Just a normal day in Finnland.

  • Do your intro in Russian

  • Cool idea!

  • Kreizi giz

  • מי פה ישראל ולא מבין למה כל התגובות בשפות אחרות😂😂😂

  • Wait… Emil is over 500 pounds