Frozen Ping Pong Ball Challenge

פורסם בתאריך 27 מאי 2021
Challenge Pongfinity back with some weird table tennis experiments!
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  • Ohh the cameraman jackpot 5:15😂

  • CHALLENGE: play with a person as a racket

  • Moro teillä on hyvä video

  • Otto playing better than I ever could without bending his elbows

  • Do the "Ghost Serve with left hand" Challenge for: Emil

  • 3:40 (that's gay)

  • canal muito legal gosto muito

  • Everyone knows it will break, why this video gets so many views lol

  • Jouer avec une petite voiture 🚙 challenge

  • play with a fireball

  • Challenge: Play with ice table tennis racket and frozen ball

  • challenge: play ping pong from your opposite hand

  • Challenge: Fill a Ping Pong Ball with Liquid Nitrogen

  • 4:43 moron behavior.

  • These guys need to shift the tt table in the washroom and get on with a game while poopin'

  • right one in the intro

  • god

  • god

  • play table tennis on rollerskates

  • Play with a mini rocket

  • Didn’t really knew there was a whole channel dedicated to ping pong

    • @yo there is also adam bobrow and there are other channels I just can remember their name

    • this is the only one though, lucky to have found it!

    • For almost every sports there a channel just dedicated to it

  • It would be funny If you played with an aquarium

  • Challenge: play with a glass full of water (almost) in other hand. The one who Spill it loses the point

    • they already did this in another episode

  • You guys gotta play in low gravity

  • Somehow you could force Otto to play without arms … or a paddle … or without playing at all and it feels like he still would be a dangerous opponent somehow

  • must be boring in scandinavia in winter.

  • Try playing with a crazy ball/rubber ball/bouncy ball

  • Play with a Fireball

  • You guys why don't you complete with the professional s

  • 😍😍🔥♥️♥️

  • Play ping pong with chopsticks

  • I feal like Otto is best

  • Challange: Do the snake 10 times in a row.

  • Challenge - Play Table Tennis With a Table Tennis Ball

  • It's absurd what humans adapt to do

  • Next time try a seamless ball, and fill it up with water, then try the frozen ball with that

  • Challenge - Play underwater Ping Pong 😀

  • Very very good

  • Hi


  • Every challenge them still doing better than me at my best table tennis match even

  • Challenge: play with glass vial stink bombs

  • funny

  • I love otto’s accent so much

  • Challenge: play with zero gravity like a place that no gravity nit space

  • 1:05 balls of fury movie is now coming to my head

  • Challenge: make otto lose a game with a challenge

  • check out my table tennis rap with eng subtitles .coming soon... @ was a informer dancer and choreoraph for lou bega...

  • Play ping-pong with the ball on fire

  • Challenge: Play with a thick book.

  • Challenge: Play with electronic gadgets such as phone, computer, television without cracking it.

  • Callenge:play ping pong but bat is baseball bat

  • You should try one where you just put a tiny bit of water in a ball so it still bounces but messes with the spin

  • Challenge: use a golf ball to play ping pong Additional challenge, use a golf iron head to play ping pong

  • Challenge: play with a baseball bat

  • when in freezer things contract ,not expand

  • Q

  • challange: make serve off wall and then around the net

  • Challenge:No look

  • Я из Казахстана, вы проста топ!

  • ping pong should be named BING BONG after this

  • My idea: ping pong with a tennis ball

  • Boring

  • 0:34 Werner Schlager Be Like

  • I have become a ping pong champion in Iran And I support you❤️

  • Challenge: play with a ping pall ball full of crap

  • Oi

  • Challenge: play in an igloo on a ping pong table made from ice and with racket, ping pong ball made of ice.

  • how about a rubber ball filled with water and frozen

  • Challenge:- play with a egg

  • Challenge: play with drunk goggles

  • Gg

  • T

  • ever realized why the ball looks cool? because its made of ice lol

  • Play with a iron ball

  • When Miikka wouldn’t explain where he got the syringe 🤣

  • Play with pongfinity cap and T-shirt

  • Now imagine Helium Ping Pong Ball

  • Play with flamey ball

  • Use a tennis racket and use a tennis ball grab a bottle and serve on try to make the botte land.

  • Challenge: play table tennis under Moon's gravity (created in some random lab perhaps?)

  • Well there you have it you've seen it here first pongfinity proves you can play ping pong with an arm cast

  • Do your intro in Greek

  • Praise the lord

  • いつも感動してるありがとう

  • Do your intro in Romanian

  • now it's time to try something new, play ping pong with BADMINTON RACKET!

  • Challenge: Play ping pong with a lego person.

  • Play ping pong with a whole in the paddle

  • Challange: Play table tennis with crayon

  • Table tennis with tiny hands

  • wow

  • ;

  • Chalenge : play without any rules

  • 腕に付けた棒で打つのかと思った😆

  • Play with a ice ball, a ice racket and a ice table

  • I bet they cant do it- TRY Table tennis with rackets in mouth.

  • Put water in just the bottom and freeze it but keep the ping pong ball on it

  • That is actually the pongfinity racket in the thumbnail. 2 months before its reveal and appearence in their store.

  • Challenge: Do a Bulgarian intro! Optional: Play table tennis while you holding your rackets with only 2 fingers! #challengepongfinity

    • Another one: Try to make a racket from Lego (or other kind of a constructor) and play with it!