Frozen Ice Racket Challenge

פורסם בתאריך 18 פבר 2021
We made a ping pong racket out of ice and took on your challenges from Instagram!
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  • Next time lava racket? 🤔😅 Thanks to everyone who sent their ideas on Instagram! Go follow us there if you haven't:

    • @Aden Valentin happy to help xD

    • @Aden Valentin instablaster :)

    • Noooooooooooooo

    • U serious

    • Hey pongfinity, do one vid with the ice racket ice table and ice ball

  • Otto ur mean

  • LOL

  • Ice table one more

  • When returning top spin with the ice racket, it will become backspin. It is like long pimple. There is little friction.

  • 0%

  • Play with an ice racket on an ice table

  • F


  • No need freezer

  • もう字幕がめちゃくちゃ

  • 最近この人達の動画ばっか見てる

  • 面白い

  • 手痛そう

  • Ok

  • you guys live Antarctica or somethin

  • I’m Japanese. it's very nice !

  • "it's a lot smaller now" *smashes the paddle on the table* Yup, Roger that! Definitely "a lot smaller now"

  • 自由研究のネタにしました! ありがとうございました😊👍

  • 2人ともかっこいい😃

  • 4:38 草

  • 놀면뭐하니 아닌교 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • うますぎる!

  • にほんじんいないの?w

  • It would be cool (pun intended) if you could play with the frozen table, the ice racket, and the ice ball

  • It is one of the coldest racket in the world.

  • You guys didn’t even smash a ball or play a game with 2 paddles :/ I would think those would be the 2 obvious

  • Why not make 2 and have a game...

  • so amazing!!

  • lava?

  • went better then the frozen ball!

  • nooのところの翻訳番号は草

  • Why Emil is very clumsy??? 🤪😃

  • 'Aluminium' not aloominum in literally every country except america

  • 5:17 eye candy for the ladies

  • Congratulations Otto!😂🏓🪙

  • Challenge: I don’t know if you have already done this but make a ice table ice racket and i ball and play a game with them

  • should try ping pong on ice with everything being ice as well hahah

  • Just like a tt racket 0:50

  • After 5min the table will be wet or the tennis ball

  • the amount of times they dropped it insaaaaane

  • Next one is also the frozen racket but its shape is looks like the net

  • This should be a new sport at Beijing's winter olympics

  • Challenge : play with dirt on the table

  • 冰乓球

  • 5:18 👁👄👁

  • Challenge : play table tennis with a frozen raquet with a frozen table 😂😂 btw love the vids

  • 💔

  • 5:16 uh oh

  • Пабгеры вошли в чат

  • What's your country

  • Read my name!

  • 5:18 and pause

  • 5:18

  • 6:13 naughty 😈

  • すげぇ!!!

  • Ice raket my wtf

  • 3:27 え?すごって言ってる

  • Frozen Ice Racket Good idea? Yes Does it melt overtime? Yes Used for Ping Pong? Yes 7/10 Cold But Real "Cool"

  • Finnland is so cold. And the language is so weird. XD

  • OMG!!😂😂

  • Wow

  • Maybe use the ice table with the ice racket?

  • Amazing video !

  • GUYS because inFinland it is so snowy pongfinity do a snowball fight

  • Which country do these guys live in tho, like theres snoe over the lake and its froven… WOW

  • Ping pong players in Alaska be like:

  • Brazil

  • the bat is drippin

  • Your thé best-seller ILawardr I’ve never seeb

  • Dang that’s hard man

  • Where do you live guys?

  • No entiendo miro por mirar soy de América del Sur Perú

  • make an steel racket plz op

  • Next winter should be ice ball, ice racket, and ice table!

    • Ice ball does not work tho it does not bounce it breaks very easily

  • They need no fridge and that's amazing for me

  • 持ち手折れそう

  • There is so cold!

  • Are yoi from finland

  • are they from finland

  • R.I.P frozen raquet 10am- 11 am

  • now with fire

  • Glacier haha

  • I watch your vid long in 2021 February and now I’m watching

  • june 2021

  • how do u freeze ice

  • You see, I reversed the video and the racket lived longer!

  • Bahi

  • Durability is insane

  • They have to be fast

  • Play only from the edge 🥇🥈🥉

  • 5:07 lol

  • 2:40 sounds like Primal Scream, Kate Moss - Some Velvet Morning

  • Can we have a f in the chat for the ice racket.

  • 4:39 R.I.P the Frozen Ice Racket. You'll be always in our heart 😢

  • Use the camera lenses as a bat but record while your hitting with the same camera

  • The accessible string ethnically unite because croissant intialy attend near a tearful line. voiceless, left veterinarian

  • 4:40 top 10 anime betrayals

  • 0:28 who noticed the frozen table at the background

  • Play with the frozen raquet on the frozen table