Building the Perfect Ping Pong Racket

פורסם בתאריך 26 נוב 2020
We played a tournament with our home-made ping pong rackets! Get your Pongfinity Christmas card from:
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  • This video was filmed earlier when there wasn't many cases in Finland, now everyone should wear masks in the shops here too. Also, stay tuned for 2020 highlights video next week!

    • Very good video, one of my favourites👌👌🏓

    • @ShootingSkelly17 we use dollars not euros

    • @maxwell alsabrook Peak Americanism is what that's called.

    • I’m in 2021

    • Play on spinning round Table

  • I love that only Miika made an actual Racket

  • otto looks like the original thor

  • freehand on the table saw. nice.

  • At the side

  • When I see decathlon table tennis 🏓 racket it is written pongori

  • Me: Which doormat will be better for wiping shoes Pongfinity: Which doormat will be better for tt racket grip

  • everyone saying how otto built mjolnir but idont know what that is think people think it is the name of thors hammer but it is called johnathan

  • You guys should do this again

  • why you like ping pong so much? You are not asian.

  • The sound the hammer makes is hilarious!

  • Table tennis is such a weird sport lmao

  • what glue is that

  • Miikka The Narrator, the talker and the spitter of Table tennis/ Ping pong facts

  • Otto 1 word No mercy

  • Emil Honest, humble and nice

  • Describe Otto, Emil and Miikka in the comments I’ll go first

  • 😀

  • Emil would be better off playing with a pork chop.

  • Miika: Racket Otto: Hammer Emil: Tetris

  • Can you play with bandana

  • Ok

  • Only just found this ILaward Channel but I’m now hooked lol 😂

  • Very funny! 🤣👍🏼

  • racket?! though it was a paddle hahahah dont rackets need to be stringed

  • Quisiera jugar ping pong pero no tengo mesa ni paletas de ping pong :(

  • Super

  • 1:00 thor before endgame

  • 日本人いるー?

  • 0:19 me when i see an axe

  • Really cool idea! Worked out great!

  • Should've bought some sticky pads lmaoooo

  • I like the Miikka's racket

  • 一人だけ作ってるのが違った笑

  • 2:02 did miika say turn this into a table tennis bat

    • I mean bag

  • wtf un easy en finlandia

  • So Miikka made a DIY but useable racquet, Otto made Mjolnir, and Emil made a square racquet??

  • good video but you most win with two points!

  • Now all we need from Otto is an improved Santa Claus

  • Pkease tighten the middle window

  • Otto looks russian

  • Emil is depressif

  • I like Otto hammer

  • Now sell 100 of each of these

  • I watch from Australia, you folks are the best, fun loving people ever.

  • emil: a wierdly shaped paddle mikka: an actual paddle otto: haha Jonathan go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Thor but it was low budget

  • Miikka. Legit racket Emil. Glitched racket Otto. HAMMER

  • Otto's sounds amazing

  • Otto :- Now Worthy enough 😅😅

  • missä kaupungissa asutte ?

  • aww look at ottos smile

  • Buys a table tennis racket

  • My name is also Emil :0

  • someone should have bought glue at the store

  • Cow bell, Carpet and Table Tetris

  • Oot suomalaine

  • 1:02 and 4:37 Thor in Endgame

  • My guy made thors hammer

  • Замечательная ракетка-молот

  • I am Pong the god of ping pong

  • otto is like hitting it with a frying pan xD

  • That bad boy scared the the hell out of miikka

  • Part two

  • Part two

  • You live in a beautiful house

  • Hey one of them is worthy of Mjolnir

  • If otto just does a few pushups then we have ourselves thor

  • Otto is literally fat Thor lmao

  • Emil's is a table tetris racket

  • 7:02 your rally goes to the beat of the music -- cowbell and all

  • I love Thor’s hammer

  • Please do a part 2 :)))

  • Thor my lord

  • try to play the "ping pong fury" mobile game

  • Topic more like otto making thor's hammer

  • Otto is so smart

  • Do a viking version of pingpong it would be great :p

  • can u tell me how to make that otto hameeer like what was that held

  • Play on a carpet

  • Can i buy the rackets fir 200$

  • Ping pong went ping BANG

  • Kfkf

  • 0:18 Classic Emil

  • Alvin och jag är inte så bra 😊 och jag är inte det jag sa till dig

  • po

  • Mikka : I will make a normal racket with a carpet Emile : I will make a fantasy racket with a weird shape Otto : *I WILL MAKE A FU$$$$$ THOR HAMMER*

  • Otto just did that for the memes

  • Bro I tried making homage rackets and I got my finger stuck together with super glue when putting rubber on my homage racket I hade to go to the hospital for them to get my finger unstuck

  • Ketkä suomalaisii?

  • The Thor hammer I must make! Haha

  • Mikkas one is the best otto and emil tied

  • Mikka makes actual racket, otto hammer, emil texas

  • We learned a lot from this vid, but mainly that these guys could play table tennis with anything and or their mind.

  • Wait, they chose Otto’s hand side to play against? What a beast

  • Otto is the Sensei of Thunder

  • The mikka

  • They build out their personalities

  • 2:44 it looks preEtTY good

  • 2:44 I think I’ll do this like really bro